Kim Tausch
Kim T

Love the feeling of a personal trainer, but from the comfort of my own home.  Dawn’s workouts are always fresh, new, and easy to follow along.  She does a great job of showing modifications for moves, as well as options to bump up the intensity.  My favorite aspect of her program is the option to…

Karen W.

It feels so good. Your instruction is right on point. This is definitely a strength for you. I realize how much I miss doing things that can change my body. Thank you!

Bob T.

I’ve been following Dawn’s exercise videos 3x’s a week. The workouts are a good balance between cardio and strength training.

Charlotte T

Easy to follow.  Dawn offers modifications if the exercises are too challenging which I REALLY appreciate.

Mark Gorman
Mark G.
Runner and cyclist

Dawn has worked with me on my form for lifting and also on core exercises.  I have to admit it has made a huge difference.  I feel stronger on my runs and require less recovery time.